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Miriam Hommes (Nijmegen 1961)

Miriam Hommes prefers painting in a decorative style.
In her recent work the still life and flowers remain the main motif but have undergone a process of entwinement and juxtaposition. The floral forms are painted thickly and impasto while the background, in contrast, remains thin and transparent. The paintings resonate between the‘organic’imagery and the mosaic-like print and pattern interplay of line. Color and atmosphere remain the most striking elements.

The attention to flower compositions make references to traditional classical motifs you see in 17th century Dutch painting, while the size of the paintings adds to the sensory and fascinating experience these works offer.

Miriam Hommes studied art at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Beside her work as an artist she teaches painting in primary schools, Arts schools as well as in her own studio.